what is justice, really?

what words do i have for today? not many, it seems.

i went on a walk this evening without my phone, and it was surprisingly refreshing. it reminded me of days i’d spend as a child wandering around my neighborhood, singing and telling stories and poems to myself.

as i walked, a story came to me, and i spoke it to myself. a story of a woman who goes by my name, who lives a life of wandering and searching, not necessarily ever knowing exactly what for.

i told it from the perspective of one of her old friends. and it was delightful and flowed from me with ease. it was a story just for me, just for that moment.

it helped me to remember the value of a story for story’s sake — to pass the time, to engage with our humanity, to comfort and entertain. there was no external goal, no one to impress, no need to be interesting, funny, or captivating enough. because it was simply for me and the trees.

the climate crisis has been on the forefront of my mind recently. the sun set red today due to smoke from wildfires, and the air’s been deemed “unhealthy” to breathe.

i think about the water protectors on the frontlines of #StopLine3.

and i keep thinking about this story i read about the death of the druids:

“Tacitus [a historian] gave the following description: “On the shore [of Anglesey} stood the forces of the enemy, a dense array of arms and men, with women dashing through the ranks like the furies — The druids pouring forth dire imprecations with their hands uplifted towards the heavens, struck terror into the soldiers.”

…Such fear did not last long. Urged on by their officers, the Roman cavalrymen swam their horses across the Straits while the infantry made the crossing in small, flat-bottomed boats. And when they reached the Anglesey side, their blood-lust knew no bounds.”

i think about the spells the druids were casting leading up to and during that battle — a people who functioned in magic fighting a power accustomed to bloodshed.

i wonder if the land can still feel that loss, if those spells still linger…

which makes me think of the water protectors, most of them indigenous, holding strong against those who do not understand the power of working in harmony, in partnership with nature…

and i wonder for the earth how far apart these events feel from each other..

because there is so much we can’t see, feel, will never know.

so, idk, maybe the earth has her own plan for justice. maybe she’s working it out right now..

until then, i would rather stand with those who strive to be in good relationship with the planet and experience perceived failure than be complicit in the annihilation of the one home we humans have.

because although earth will probably survive us, i’m not so sure we will..

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