the practice of orienting; the power of the pause

hello loves, i’m in new orleans. i got here on saturday, and i’ll be here for a week. what a time, already..

so i’m practicing my writing routine outside of my own space, which definitely comes with its own challenges.
but even with just today, i can feel the ways in which bringing ritual with me to a new space can create a sense of consistency that is grounding and centering.

the practice i’ve been digging recently as i navigate recurring overwhelm is orienting. in somatics, this is looking around and taking in your surroundings..
my personal practice is essentially taking stock of my tangible existence in that moment. i take it beyond just the physical — when i’m journaling, i make note of the day, time, what is happening around me, what happened yesterday and my plan for that day..

all of this works to provide me with a rounded sense of what the experience of being alive is like in that moment of space and time.

orienting allows me to find some sort of center in what often feels like the chaos of life. i’m not always the most organized person, and yet i tend to thrive best, especially when i have a lot on my plate, when i’ve taken a step back to assess what i’m taking on and how to prioritize accordingly.

as i practice a more intentional life, i gain a deeper appreciation for the pause and the true power of it. the pause can give me the space to step into a totally different framework of existence, shifting my perspective, and giving me the opportunity to choose who i want to be in that moment.

there are often times when i refuse to pause, and i’m practicing noticing those without judgement or attachment..

but the moments when i do give myself permission to take a breather, when i offer myself the willingness to halt.. well, they’re delicious (i remember i’m alive). and sometimes scary.

when i’m caught up in distraction and busyness, there’s typically a feeling i’m trying to not experience. which, more often than not, is fear — i’m scared of something, which can be as simple as the experience of being alive..

i find being alive incredibly challenging.. even on the most mundane, easy-going days.. i’d say this has felt true for as long as i can remember, i simply didn’t know how to name it for much of my life..

being aware of how often i’m scared, like on a daily basis, is humbling, deeply uncomfortable, and incredibly insightful.

when i realize i’m in fear nearly every day, and that this is often where i’m reacting from.. well, that has the potential to be incredibly empowering information..
ya know, upon nurturing the skills of awareness and presence, of acceptance and non-judgement, and then hopefully choice. [RAIN Meditation]

well y’all, i don’t know if any of that tracked, but those are my current musings.

thanks for making it this far (on the page and in life).

happy monday — sending y’all strength and love ❤ ❤ ❤

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