dear diary, i don’t know what i want

can you help me?

i feel frustrated, confused, like shouldn’t i be better at this, at recognizing what i want.. and yet, i feel lost..

do i want to be a writer? do i want financial stability? do i want more of a home space, or do i want to be more transient? do i want to spend more time finding community?

i want to do goal-setting, to set intentions for may, but i don’t know where to go with it..

you’d think recognizing what i want would be the easiest step of this whole process, and yet i am stumped..

i’m lost.. lost in a box of my own making. what do i prioritize? what are my guiding lights? what do i care about?

i currently feel blank in response to these questions, like part of me shuts down the moment i pose them. what’s blocking me? is it eclipse season?

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