what is it that you seek in the words of another?

what permission do you crave?

in what ways are you desperate to have your humanity named?

to be wild, free, alive.. these are the things you crave. these are the things you’re grasping for.

you crave poetry, because poetry attempts to name that which is out of reach.

you remember a time when you yourself were a poet

and what you mean by this is,

there was a bit there, weeks to a month

when you’d wake up before the sunrise

lay a blanket down

and reach poetry

until you felt the Spirit move you

to create your own.

now, those days feel long gone. and all you know, all you can remember is the grasping.

is winter always this hard? enchantment so inaccessible..

where can i find the poetry again?

to reawaken me to life.

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